How to Design Interiors for A Million Dollar House in Bangkok

How to Design Interiors for A Million Dollar House in Bangkok

There is an estimated 86000 millionaires in Thailand; most of them are settled in Bangkok. One of the most important signs of status and power a rich person looks for is a beautiful home, and this means that the city has a large number of people that would pay at least a million dollars for a house. The price of a house is determined by many things such as size and location, but the one thing that can distinguish it from the rest is its design so that is one of the main items that can make it worth a million dollars. Here you have some ideas on interior design to achieve that goal.

  • Go for marble: Marble has been a symbol of good taste since the Roman Empire and is one of the current go to materials for millionaires in Bangkok. You can place it in the bathroom walls, floor or vanities, on a kitchen table or a dining table, and if you go for a classic white or black marble it will give you chance to work with different colors around the room and create contrast that still looks aesthetically pleasing and sober.

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  • Find the right chandelier: Chandeliers have both a practical and decorative function, they bring light to a space but also represent a point of attention in it. You can find it in an infinite amount of sizes, colors and shapes. Right now, designers go less with classic glass styles, and more with color neutral and metallic pieces. Big chandeliers are still the most common option, but try to find more long and delicate ones instead of wide or heavy pieces. 
  • Incorporate technology: With the growing demand for smart homes that use all kinds of technology, designing a million-dollar house means having to find the best ways to incorporate different devices and technological tools so they can feel a natural part of it. Place high tech flat screens that look like paintings when they are not being used, using smart mirrors, lights, home appliances. Those are all very useful devices that can all be harmonized to work with the design of a house to give it a futuristic and expensive look.
  • Look for quality art pieces: A painting or sculpture could be the final touch your design needs. We recommend going for more sober pieces that match the room’s color, lighting, and aesthetic, so it blends smoothly with its surroundings and gives that sensation of harmony an expensive house needs. 

Interior design is a field that changes a lot depending on locations, times and trends, but it’s always possible to find things that most people find attractive and pleasing in a house. Bangkok’s market is not an exception. The city’s culture, history and ways of life are always defining tendencies that are the guide for both clients and designers, and give you the hints you need to find that million-dollar design that you’re looking for.  


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