Top 10 Benefits of Primrose Oil for Skin, Hair and Health

Top 10 Benefits of Primrose Oil for Skin, Hair and Health

The primrose oil is considered as one of the most effective natural medicine that can address a number of health conditions. The secret behind its amazing capabilities is its potent compound called phenylalanine, which helps eliminate pains and headaches. In fact, medical researchers are discovering the positive effects of evening primrose oil in slowing down signs of ageing, among several other issues that people experience. Here is a roundup of the top 10 benefits of primrose oil for skin, hair and health.

1. Promotes Cardiovascular Health

Based on a number of clinical studies and trials, primrose oil can do wonders on maintaining the good condition of your heart. With daily use of this essential oil, it is possible to reduce your cholesterol levels and regulate blood pressure the natural way. Moreover, it is beneficial to the body because it protects you from developing coronary artery disease. Hence, primrose oil can decrease your chances of suffering from heart attacks and heart ailments.

2. Prevents GLA Deficiency

Primrose oil contains excellent amounts of Gamma Linolenic Acid (GLA), which is an essential fatty acid that ensures your body’s normal functions. It has been discovered that individuals who suffer from diabetes, as well as alcoholics, are prone to GLA deficiency. Thus, they are susceptible to rheumatoid arthritis and heart diseases. To prevent these from happening, certain individuals may consider using primrose oil to supplement their body with GLA.

3. Supports the Nutritional Needs of Diabetics

Scientists have conducted several studies that proved the effects of primrose oil in protecting individuals from developing diabetic neuropathy. This condition affects the nerves, and it is common among diabetics because of GLA deficiency. Those who suffer from diabetic neuropathy experience numbness, tingling and pain in their toes and legs. However, primrose oil solves this problem because of its key components that supplement you with adequate amounts of nutrients your body needs.

4. Eases Menstrual Pains

In most cases, primrose oil is used to reduce pains that are caused by menstruation such as abdominal cramps, dizziness, headaches, and other uncomfortable conditions. According to women who use primrose oil, they experience great relief from PMS by simply using primrose oil.

5. Improves Fertility

Since primrose oil works by stimulating blood flow, its GLA components help in treating male impotence and infertility because of the improved flow of blood in the penis. The oil is also taken with vitamin C and gingko biloba to ensure maximum benefits. In addition, this essential oil helps improve uterine function, which means it can address fertility issues among women.

6. Relieves Discomfort and Inflammation

Primrose oil is also believed to contain anti-inflammatory properties, as it can be used to ease painful symptoms of chest pains and rheumatoid arthritis. Hence, you can ensure a healthier condition without having to rely on artificial means or other medications that may lead to side effects.

7. Enhances Concentration

This essential oil helps calm down your nerves, which means it can do wonders to children who struggle with poor concentration and Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder. By helping these kids focus more and relax, they become less aggressive and hyperactive whether they are in school, at home or in social gatherings. This effect can also be beneficial to their overall performance since they can behave and socialize well with others.

8. Makes Your Skin Healthy

Primrose oil can help you look and feel good about yourself. There have been claims that this natural product can be an effective remedy for eczema and other skin issues because of its high GLA content and essential fatty acids. With all these remarkable components, it is much easier for you to maintain a healthy, glowing and youthful skin.

9. Prevents Withdrawal Symptoms

Alcoholics undergo a series of painful symptoms upon withdrawal to the substance. Fortunately, there are effective and natural ways to target this problem by using primrose oil. The GLA component of primrose oil prompts your brain to produce a certain kind of body chemical known as the prostaglandin E that helps prevent withdrawal symptoms such as depression and seizures. It also helps ensure the health of alcoholics who may be prone to damages to the nervous system and liver.

10. Treats Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

There are some studies that claim the effectiveness of primrose oil in treating or reducing symptoms linked with chronic fatigue syndrome. With the essential elements included in the oil, it may be easier for people to manage stress that often causes this medical condition.


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