Top 10 Best Baby Shower Gift Ideas

Top 10 Best Baby Shower Gift Ideas

A baby shower marks an important step in the life of every family. For some, having a baby is the ultimate token of dedication to sealing a relationship that would last a life time. The baby shower is a great occasion to share this event with friends and families. It is equally important to pick the right gift for this occasion so here is a top ten list for the ones that need some inspiration.

10. Baby Booties

The baby is too young to have his own preferences in terms of shoes but the parents would surely love a pair of boots for their newborn. There is something about baby booties that makes them cute and simply great as a gift option. It is one of those gifts that are surely appreciated.

9. Sleep Kit

Everyone knows that taking care of a newborn is also challenging especially when they wake up crying during the night. The kid can be a simple basket filled with some useful things that would be soothing for the baby like a comfortable nightlight, some baby music CDs, a soft blanket for cuddling when out-of-the-crib and even some toys. They could help the baby stop crying and even fall back to sleep.

8. Children’s Wall Lights Kit

Getting a lighting kit for the baby’s room is also a popular gift idea. These lights can be mounted on the wall or ceiling and can project shapes and pictures on the surrounding walls. The images are usually soothing for the child and can help him not only to fall asleep faster but also preventing him from crying, offering the parents on more relaxing sleep and if there is something that a couple appreciates during their first year of parenthood is sleep.

7. Bath Kit

Most children love to take a nice warm bath. It is a soothing experience and probably their favorite moment of the day. A bath kit would be a great gift that would be appreciated by the baby and the parents. It can include a soft sponge or washcloth, a hooded towel, mild soap, some baby shampoo and even a classic rubber ducky. The kit can be completed with a soft brush and even some additional toys for the baby to play in the water. A thermometer is a mandatory pick as it is recommended to check the water temperature just to make sure that is not too cold or too hot.

6. Starter Library

Children love colored books. There are a lot of classic stories in illustrated books. He might not be able to understand them straightaway but when he will be a few years old, those books will provide great bedtime stories for the mom or dad to read and show to the baby.

5. Baby Carrier

A baby carrier is one of those gifts that every mom hopes to get especially if they do not have one. It might be better to check first if the parents started shopping seriously for their baby. If they haven’t the carrier will be a great pick for a gift.

4. Car Baby Harness

Just like the baby carrier, the car baby harness is a gift that will truly prove its utility. The parents will surely need one if they own a car and after the first months of the baby, he will need to visit doctors or be taken to visit relatives. For these occasions, the harness will prove to be mandatory.

3. Activity Gym

For some parents, keeping their baby busy is the best way to get a few minutes of peacefulness. These activity gyms are specially designed for toddlers and almost all of them have special safety systems that make it possible to leave the baby playing unsupervised. This is a great gift that would help any parent.

2. Baby Monitor

The baby monitor will provide a reassuring presents in the baby’s room. Without one, it is difficult to hear the baby during the night especially if he sleeps in a different room. A portable baby monitor is one of the best picks for a gift for a baby shower.

1. Baby Seat

Just like the activity gym, the baby seat is a useful gift that will be appreciated by all parents. Most of them do not buy one until the toddler is a few months old which means that they will surely not own one at the time of the baby shower which makes this gift probably the best pick.


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