Top 10 Amazing Health Benefits of Drinking Beer

Top 10 Amazing Health Benefits of Drinking Beer

If you enjoy kicking back with a beer every once in a while, then it’s definitely something you shouldn’t feel guilty about. This beverage actually has a lot of benefits that can make you enjoy each sip just a little bit more! While this doesn’t mean you should go out and have a case of beer every night, it does mean you can drink it moderately and actually enjoy being healthier as a result. So, if you want to have your beer and drink it too, then read the top 10 benefits listed below.

10. Kidney Health

A Finland study recently done found that each beer a man drank lowered their risk of developing kidney stones by a whopping 40%. Although the exact reasoning for this is not known, some scientists believe it’s because of the diuretic effect the drink has on the body. In addition to this, beer helps prevent calcium deposits from forming inside of the kidneys, which is what causes the stones. If you want to drink the best beer for your kidneys, then stick with porters, stouts or anything else that is very “hoppy”.

Another benefit is that if you already have kidney stones, beer can make it less painful to pass them. This is because it dilates the urinary tract, which reduces pain felt during the passing process.

9. Reduced Diabetes Risk

Another interesting study done in 2011 found that men who drank two beers instead of one per day reduced their risk of developing type 2 diabetes by 25%. It’s important to note that drinking over two beers per day showed no benefit. One reason why this might work is because drinking more alcohol increase the adiponectin inside of your body. This is a protein that is similar to hormones. It can work as an anti-inflammatory in the body and make insulin more effective.

8. Reduced Risk of Stroke

Moderate amounts of beer can help prevent blood clots that reduce the flow of blood to the heart, a Harvard School of Public Health study found. Blood clots can lead to stroke, so preventing them is important for the major arteries, including the neck, heart and brain. Beer may also be able to break up blood clots so that the arteries are kept clean. When your arteries are kept clean you’ll be less likely to suffer from a stroke, which means your risk of death from a stroke also decreases.

7. Bone Strength

The silicon levels in beer are high, and that can mean stronger bones. A recent study found that those who had one or two drinks per day had higher density than those who did not. On the flip side of this, individuals who drank more than two drinks were at risk for bone fractures. Pale ale is the best for building bones, as it has the highest levels of silicon.

6. Reduced Blood Pressure

People who moderately drink beer are less likely to have high blood pressure, which can lead to heart attack. In fact, that study by Harvard that found this compared the results to those who drank wine or other spirits. Beer was the winner, so if it’s your favorite drink, don’t feel bad about it! (Click here to read top 10 ways to lower blood pressure)

5. Longer Life

Beer is one of the most studied beverages out there, and one study done by the USDA found that it can help moderate drinkers live longer! In order to come to this conclusion the USDA took a review of 50 studies and found that, on average, moderate drinking prevents around 26,000 per year because it lowers risk of diabetes, stroke and heart disease. Another study done in Europe found that drinkers there would shave two years off of their life expectancy if they stopped drinking!

4. Strengthened Heart

Hundreds of studies done about beer drinkers have shown that moderate drinking reduces the risk of heart attacks as well as dying from cardiovascular disease! This decreases the risk by 25-40%, so it’s definitely beneficial. This is because beer consumed daily raises the good cholesterol in the body, which prevents the arteries from getting clogged. Another study done in 2011 found that a pint of beer reduced risk of heart disease while those who drank more were actually put at risk.

3. Reduced Cancer Risk

If you marinate a steak in beer, did you know that it gets rid of almost 70% of carcinogens that are normally produced when the meat is fried in a pan? A recent Portuguese study found this out, and it’s currently being studied even more! The sugar in the beer is actually what does this, because it blocks the carcinogens from ever forming. When you have fewer of these your risk of cancer will be reduced, especially if you eat steak often. There are also antioxidants in beer that help carry toxins out of the body, and that can include those that cause cancer.

2. Better Brain Health

The health of your brain can be increased by drinking just one beer per day. This information comes from a study done in 2005, which showed that those who drank moderately lowered their risk of mental decline by up to 20% when they were compared to those who did not drink. This can result in keeping dementia and even Alzheimer’s disease at bay.

1. Nutrition

While beer is certainly no substitute for a green smoothie, it does have a considerable amount of nutrients in it! 1 gram of fiber is in every 12 ounce beer in addition to B vitamins, riboflavin, folate, vitamin B6 and vitamin B12. If you want to find out the nutritional benefits of your favorite beer, then you’re best bet is finding information online. Yuengling light lager is one of the best, because it’s low in carbs and only has 99 calories. New Planet 3R Raspberry Ale is another great option because it doesn’t have gluten and uses raspberry puree, which has antioxidants in it.

One important thing to keep in mind is that just because beer does have benefits, that doesn’t mean it doesn’t also carry risk. Liver damage from excess drinking is quite common today, and that can lead to serious health issues. In addition to this, don’t drink and drive or drink while you’re pregnant, as both of these can risk your life. Moderation, as with anything, will mean you can drink beer and enjoy it without over-doing it.


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