Top 10 Action Movies In 2013

Top 10 Action Movies In 2013

Action movies never take a back seat no matter the year. There is some fatal attraction in these movies that makes teens and adults wish for more. If you too want a good dose of action this year, here is a list of the top 10 movies that you must not miss at any cost.

1. Man of Steel

This is one movie that everyone has been waiting for. The movie is not supposed to be connected to any of Superman’s previous avatars in comic books or even in movies. This time, superman is a darker character and more emphasis is being paid on his internal emotional issues rather than a super villain.

2. Iron Man 3

This is one movie that will be awaited for the fantasy of its characters and the wonderful work done by Marvel. Robert Downey Jr. plays Tony Stark aka Iron Man and this time he has to fight Mandarin. This time the fight is a little too personal and this adds to the intensity of the movie and the gravity defying superhero mark action scenes.

3. Star Trek Into Darkness

The 12th movie of the franchise is coming after long pause and this time it is all about an independent timeline and rules will be broken for sure. Though there is not much news about the plot and there are only hush-hush rumor going around, the only thing that we can say about this film is that Kirk would be facing Gary Mitchell and this time over, the intensity of the drama has been heightened. If there is anything more to know, then wait for the official release in May 2013.

4. G. I. Joe Retaliation

The film had been delayed due to many reasons but it is finally here. Dwayne Johnson, aka The Rock is portraying Roadblock while Bruce Willis plays the G.I. Joe. If the movie is anything more than action, then it certainly is ‘action’. There is no way out for viewers to get some comic timing as there are guns, killers and many revengeful plots being planted. Watch it for sure.

5. The Wolverine

If you are a comic fan and have loved the X-men series to the core, then your favorite character must be the Wolverine. Played by Hugh Jackman, this movie is about the journey of Logan and how he became the Wolverine. There is never much said about the past life of this character in the X-Men movies, but this sixth installment of the franchise promises to reveal more. The enigma of the Wolverine will be broken finally, or will it be? Watch out in the 26 July release.

6. Thor: The Dark World

A sequel to the original movie Thor, Chris Hemsworth plays the god of thunder and lightning who will have to face a new enemy who is said to be older than the world and mightier than Asgard. Thor now has to save the nine realms and also fight against another character, Malekith. The Avengers are now having separate movie sequel made for their own and this only brings good news to the viewers. See how Thor stops the world from going into complete darkness and resolves his relationship with Jane.

7. After Earth

the plot is set in some time of the distant future where humans have abandoned the earth and it has been about 1000 years since that event. The planet is now ruled by many beasts and there are several species of plants that have evolved in the absence of humans. In this futuristic Jurassic Park, Will and Jaden Smith crash on the planet. Now it is up to the father and son to survive and look out for way to go back home.

8. Oblivion

this movie is a blend of action, science fiction, fantasy, aliens and conflicting emotions. Tom Cruise is on a mission against the aliens and is being questioned about his real knowledge about the world, the planet, the existence of the humans and the aliens and ultimately his own self.

9. Fast and Furious 6

we know how we cars, speed and some ultimate level of robberies have been presented to us in the last 5 installments of the movie and we loved it each time. In 2013, we would see new cars and some old characters who reunite to fight against a few mercenaries with a network in 12 countries. How dangerous would the stunts be? No one can predict but it is going to a good watch.

10. Elysium

in a strangely capitalist world of 2154, there are super wealthy people who live in a luxurious space station, eating, drinking and making merry while the rest of the poor population is left as lower class people. Matt Demon is the hero who fights against the Elysium chief Jodie Foster.


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