How to Design a Modern Living Space That’s Actually Going to Help You Sleep.

How to Design a Modern Living Space That’s Actually Going to Help You Sleep.

Most of us have experienced sleeping problems once in our lives; some of us experience them throughout our whole life. This can be caused by many facts, psychological disorders like anxiety and depression, stress, and problems with our respiratory system or circadian rhythm; but have you ever thought about how the design of your resting place can affect your sleep? Just like the look and disposal of our working place can affect our efficiency, the same thing can happen with our living place, so here are some tips on how to design it to help you sleep better

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  • Color: Depending on your preferences, look for a color scheme that feels soothing. Try with neutral colors like white, black, or gray, and contrast them with warm colors like yellow, orange, light blue, and red, or darker tones like emerald green or navy blue. Avoid monochromatic palettes since they can feel like “too much” of the same. Playing with contrast and avoiding too bright colors is key
  • Smart organization: Think extensively about how to keep things well organized around the room. Try to keep it as less crowded as you can and store things where you can see them as little as possible to get the least distractions possible when trying to sleep. It’s also helpful to have a nightstand, so you don’t have to stand up to look for things you need before getting to rest, like a glass of water, pills, earplugs, or phone.  
  • Avoid light: Surely, at least once in your life you have experienced that feeling of wanting to sleep more, but feeling sunlight right in your face. When we’re trying to sleep we must avoid light as much as possible, and this applies to sunlight, street lights, or devices lights. You can stop light coming from the outside with some curtains, and talking about devices lights, you can use different kinds of bases, cabinets, or even an armoire to hide your TV, computer, or videogame consoles when you’re not using them.
  • Noise: Another thing you want to avoid while sleeping is noise. Rugs can help reduce a lot of it, especially those made out of thick materials like fur or wool; this also applies to hanging fabric or tapestries on walls. Air conditioning systems and ceiling fans can also support your sleep since they generate white noise, which results to be very relaxing.

One of the pillars of a happy life is good sleeping, so it should be one of your priorities when designing your living place. Having a peaceful, quiet, and safe place to rest is crucial for your health, and can really gain you some more years to live, so invest time and resources in it, so you can create a place you actually enjoy sleeping in. It’s as easy as choosing the right colors, keeping things organized, and trying to avoid distractions, and in the long term, you will feel a lot better, and your body and mind will feel the difference


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