Top 10 Best Baby Walkers Review

Top 10 Best Baby Walkers Review

The American Academy of Paediatrics believes that most walkers are a danger to children and a 2018 Study on Infant Walker injuries seems to support this claim. Placing children in a walker that lets them push themselves around before they can properly crawl back up, also before they understand depth and danger and could topple down stairs. By learning to push themselves around with their feet, children do not develop the leg strength to stand up while landing in literally dangerous situations.

This is why this top 10 best baby walkers review list won’t look at traditional walkers in which children are suspended in the middle of a wheeled contraption and push themselves around with their feet. If you want to keep a child busy, place him or her in a stationary activity center with tons of activities or a jumper where the baby cannot literally run into a hot stove, down the stairs or out the door.

Now for our top 10 best baby walker review.

10 Chicco Baby Activity Walker

The Chicco walker’s tripod design ensures stability as your child learns to walk while holding onto the handle bars. It lights up and plays sounds as the child walks to keep them engaged. The Chicco Baby Activity Walker has a detachable activity board that teaches your child shapes. Some parents complain their children have trouble turning with this walker.

9 SOHO Designs Baby Walker

For the literally hands on parent, the SOHO Designs Baby Walker is for you. Instead of constantly leaning over to hold your child’s hands while walking or straining to hold a toddler up by the baby leash, the baby walker allows you to hold up a toddling child or keep a grip on a little runner.

8 Meeno Babies Walk Mee

The Meeno Babies Walk Mee is the first handheld baby walker on the market. It is certified as compliant with the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act by the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission. Parents can adjust the size to fit the child and their own arm length to allow them to comfortably hold up and hold onto a walking toddler. Unlike many other walkers, it folds up and is quite easy to pack up or store away.

7 Kolcraft Tiny Steps 2 in One Walker

The Kolcraft Tiny Steps Walker is both a traditional activity walker to a walk behind walker. For safety reasons, it should be kept locked in position and used as an activity center until your child has learned balance and depth perception. Around nine months of age, you can convert it to a walker. This walker has several toys on its activity center. The swivel wheels make it easy for the toddler to turn with the activity center.

6 Radio Flyer Classic Walker Wagon

The Classic Walker Wagon by Radio Flyer at first glance wouldn’t strike parents as a walker. Yet the push bar in front makes it a walker. More importantly, it can be used as a toy wagon and thus enjoyed for children up to age four, unlike many walkers which are useless after 18 months of age unless you have another child. The toy is made from solid wood, so it could be saved and passed down to other children. Only its price keeps it from being higher on our ratings.

5 VTech Sit to Stand Learning Walker

The Vtech sit to stand learning walker comes with a shape sorter, telephone, piano keys and barn door to keep your child happy when sitting. The walker has handle bars that provide balance as the child walks along with the toy. It is easy to turn with this walker. Parents can choose standard packaging or frustration free packaging for this walker.

4 My Early Steps Learn to Walk Harness

The My Early Steps Learn to Walk Harness is a soft harness that allows you to support your child as he or she learns to walk. Unlike many other harnesses, you could remove the straps and let the child crawl around while wearing the harness. The straps are angled so that they do not rub against the side of the child’s head, giving it a higher ranking that similar products. This produce meets both American and European safety standards.

3 Brilliant Basics Walker

The Brilliant Basics musical activity walker by Fisher-Price is cheap, has easy to open packaging and plays music instead of annoying sound effects as the child walks. It has ergonomic handle bars and four wheels. This walker has the long and wide wheel base Consumer reports says maximizes stability and prevents the walker from tipping.

2 Step2 Walker Wagon with Blocks

This wagon is far more affordable than the Radio Flyer walker wagon. And, for parents who value efficiency, it comes with blocks. Your child will not only have a steady walker for learning to walk but a cart for carrying around their favorite toys after he or she has learned to walk. This is best for toddlers who have gained some balance and do not have to lean on it to walk, so it is suitable for children over the age of 10 months.

1 Fisher Price Bright Beginnings Activity Walker

This walker is a two-for-one deal. It is an affordable walker that doubles as an activity center for your child. Your child will be balanced by the four wheels and handle. If she gets bored or needs a rest stop, the balls, spinners and flipping doors will keep her busy. Unlike the stand-in walkers that teach a child an unnatural style of walking, children must walk normally with the Bright Beginnings walker. It folds up for easy storage or transport. And it is advertised as having frustration free packaging for parents.


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